North Front Studio is a crack team of special operatives advancing your creative efforts from our post in the North. 

Whatever the challenge - be it concept design, visual development, illustration or key art - our combined experience working in the entertainment field make us a valuable asset to your project. Our service records include blockbuster films, massively multiplayer games and theme parks located around the globe. Take a look at the intelligence we’ve gathered via the links below and stay frosty.




Ryan is well versed in working with art directors, designers and architects to create interactive experiences. He brings to the team over 14 years work experience cultivated in AAA game and entertainment design studios. His primary expertise is designing environments, props and architecture. 


A passion for visual storytelling has been the driving force behind Tim's 19 year career as an illustrator, concept artist and matte painter.  Having worked at some of the top studios in the world, Tim brings to the team a strong artistic vision and understanding of what it takes to make beautiful images. 
Ryan: 416.700.2580
  Tim: 416.700.9519

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